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Beverly Javaheri Posted on7:05 pm - October 25, 2019

Dear Sir, my employee number is 00003384xxx. I am part of the Panama City Store at Pier Park. The store is due to open tomorrow. Today I worked 9:00-1:00. Last week I was schedule to work , However due to the new store not being ready my schedule was canceled. No one notified me. Every time I go to Aces Brands I get a blank page. I am not being trained to work correctly. What can be done to correct the current situation.

    Associate Support Posted on7:04 pm - January 10, 2020

    Hi Beverly, you should have been notified obviously. You will be able to check your schedule from within the Limited ACES ETM website, so we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the login process. If the page will not open for you, then please try again from another device, or with another browser.

Olga Sandoval Posted on4:24 am - November 5, 2019

I just cant seem to find the regular employee login for limited brand aces etm

Angie Hernandez Posted on3:18 am - November 17, 2019

How do I get back in to review my schedule. I got logged off and cant get back in

CLOTHEDIA YVONNE FELDER Posted on4:17 pm - November 22, 2019

I am an associate my I’d is 3005xxx and I haven’t been able to login to check my schedule, I have even tried resetting it and I still can’t login in, any suggestions?

Beth Pettiford Posted on4:47 pm - December 21, 2019

I’ve logged on before but don’t see any schedule. I worked all this week but don’t see it or the schedule for next week

Kim Butler Posted on5:50 pm - January 25, 2020

I have been with the company 15 months and have only gotten the portal to work 1 or 2 times – it always takes me to store management and will not let me put availability or see my schedule – this is very frustrating – how can this be corrected

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